dbFunnel makes the task of extracting and sending DB2 data easy from your IBMi (AS/400,iSeries). dbFunnel is a tool that will help save time, money and frustration when dealing with data extraction projects.


dbDecision works with dbFunnel and unpacks the data extracted for use in data analytics.The solution can be hosted or on your IBMi.


In today's reality, businesses are continually challenged to cut costs while also increasing performance in order to remain competitive. This is why IBM is seeing a major shift to  the cloud with their customer base.  Due to the exceptional level of support DataStorage provides to their customers we are happy to be their business partner and offer their cloud services. 


Since 1992, Remain Software empowers clients worldwide with robust, reliable and flexible IT solutions for their evolving needs in workflow and software change management, including the realms of DevOps, application upgrades, modernization and integration.  We are not only a US Partner for Remain Software but we also utilizes their solutions in the development of our own products.