Application Life Cycle Management

TD/OMS, is a robust Application Life Cycle Management solution that improves IBM i, Windows and Unix/Linux software development, supports modernization projects, testing, and deployment efficiencies, streamlines processes, and ultimately increases the quality of your critical business software.

The basics of TD/OMS incorporate fundamental IT business processes such as Application Lifecycle Management, Version Management, Release Management, and Software Distribution & Deployment. TD/OMS can support your organization in streamlining the change process of any type of application, no matter the complexity of the environment. TD/OMS is a modular solution that gives complete control over the software life cycle process and provides a real time overview of software components and configuration. Compliance and auditing requirements can be easily met due to the registration of all component movements.

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Workflow Management

Gravity is a modern workflow management solution which assures easier, faster and more visible management of multiple and complex projects by supporting work automation, and streamlining and controlling processes involving multiple departments and teams.

Improved workflow management with the support of Gravity can be especially beneficial for:

• Software developers,

• IT executives,

• Business analysts and many others.

In practice, all departments (IT, Sales, Finance, Customer service, Warehouse, Etc.) will benefit from using Gravity within a very short period of time – regardless of methodology they are currently using.

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Remain Software
is an expert and a market leader in supporting companies with Application Lifecycle Management tools for the IBM i platform. TD/OMS and Gravity - innovative and flexible software change and workflow management solutions from Remain Software help organizations to simplify and automate application change and modernization processes, improve workflows and teamwork, and streamline IBM i, Windows, Unix und Linux software development.

Why Remain Software?

• Independent software company since 1992; 23 years ALM track record

• In-house developed innovative solutions for Application Lifecycle Management

• Agile and customer focused organization

• Multiple successful installations worldwide and track record in proof of concepts

• Extensive global partner network

• Partnership with IBM i industry leaders

• Strong roadmap

• A team of passionate and highly skilled engineers

• Extensive knowledge of future-proof technologies

• Flexibility of solutions

• Fair pricing models (best price performance ratio)

• Full support for your projects (implementation, consultancy, training)

• Customers’ insight into evolution of the tooling

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