Cloud Readiness Assessment

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According to IBM, 50% of small- and medium-sized clients are moving to a cloud infrastructure within the next 5 years.
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The cloud is quickly becoming the standard for users considering a state-of-the-art level of hosting for production and development workloads. The IBM i hosting environment consists of scalable resources to support SMB’s up to large enterprise solutions. The environment runs 7x24 on a high-performance, secure, production-ready cloud environment built on enterprise-class IBM hardware and software.

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The key benefits of the IBM i cloud hosting solution include:

  • Simplified IT Operations: Makes IT Easy, allows you to focus on your business operations.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Start small and scale resources as your grow. Solutions are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Performance: We leverage the latest technologies to deliver optimum performance.
  • Cost Savings: There are no hardware or maintenance costs. With the pay-as-you-go monthly subscription, you only pay for the resources you need.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Accessible via a simple Internet connection, there are no geographic boundaries to gain access to the system 24x7x365.
  • Data and Systems Protection: Our world-class data centers offer the highest security features to ensure your systems and data are always safe and secure.
  • Experienced Team: Our team of IBM i-certified professionals provides expert support.