Free White Paper: IBM i Backup in the Cloud

Learn how a Cloud Backup solution can help your organization with availability, data integrity, security and compliance.


Consists of Cloud backup services which eliminates the cost and challenges of tape handling, tape management and le retrieval and restore. All backups are encrypted and replicated to a 2nd data center so your data is always safe and available. The vault size automatically scales with your data growth and retention needs are never an issue. With our high-speed Enterprise storage, deduplication, and compression, backup and restore times are reduced. Our ezVault services are backed by a clear and well-de ned SLA guaranteeing performance, availability and access. 


  • Easily managed scheduling and retention – Backup policies are managed directly by the client or as part of our service offering. On IBM i, clients have access to the management interface on each system and other environments use a management portal to restore and manage job schedules and data retention. This allows clients to retain as much data as they need.
  • Save While Active – Backups can be scheduled to run at any time with little to no impact on production applications.
  • Scalable – ezVault automatically scales to meet your backup storage requirements. The pay as you grow model eliminates the need to forecast future backup capacity and purchase additional storage that may go unused for several years.
  • Reduced backup time – ezVault backups are incremental forever with all data de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted before transmission, drastically reducing backup times compared to traditional tape-based backups. Backups are immediately transmitted offsite without the delay and complexity of tape handling, storage and retrieval.
  • Backup Protection – All backups are encrypted and replicated to a 2nd data center providing built in redundancy for your mission critical data. 
  • Optional local appliance – A client site backup appliance is available for local data retention and automatic replication to the ezVault cloud, providing faster local restores when needed and all the offsite data protection of our ezVault cloud solution. 
  • Offsite Copy Included – A monthly copy of your data is copied to tape and stored into separate data center to add another layer of safety to your important data. 
  • Client has direct access and control of data retrieval – ezVault gives the client the ability to directly retrieve data from any point in time without having to rely on a provider to load tapes, which makes restoring data much quicker and easier than tape or VTL. 
  • Guaranteed Performance SLA 

This white paper shows the benefits and steps needed to modernize your IBM i backup and recovery solutions, and how Cloud Backup can help your organization with availability, data integrity, security, and regulatory compliance.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

• Creating a backup strategy
• Increasing recovery time
• Improving security with encryption
• Providing availability w/ the cloud