Data Extraction Made Easy

for the IBMi

Data Extract Made Easy

dbFunnel® makes the task of extracting and sending data easy from your IBMi (AS/400,iSeries). The data can be data in the IFS (XML, Streamfile), DB2 data or any database on the network that is JDBC compliant.


dbFunnel®  is a tool that will help save time, money and frustration when dealing with data extraction projects.


How can dbFunnel be used?

Inventory Control

Supply Chain

Data Warehouse

Payroll Processing

Sales Information

Vendor Managed Inventory

Data Warehouse

Data syncing

Web facing solutions

Data warehouse

Real time/daily/monthly sales

Real time/daily/monthly inventory

Mergers and aquisitions

Conversion to another system

Conversion of custom data

Why dbFunnel?

  • Ease of use

  • Configure not code

  • Quicker completion of projects

How does dbFunnel® Work?

Transparent to the user, dbFunnel® dynamically creates all the SQL syntax. All the magic is hidden from the user. The user can then concentrate on extracting the data pertinent to the project.

There are 3 easy steps:

1. Configure the Project

A project is a group of extract objects that are executed together. For example - Daily Extract, Monthly Extract or Near Real Time

2. Add the Tasks

Tasks belong to a Project and the objects that are sent to the end point.

3. Add Detailed Extract Definition

The Extract Definition belongs to a Task. This step contains all the details about the actual data being extracted.